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For the woman who has arrived here hoping to find reprieve from

the day to day, looking for hope, friendship, and grace, I see you.

The journey you travel as a woman that came from a generation of females who had very different stories to tell can often be a lonely one. The roadmap for you isn’t as clear. The options to get from point A to point B are overwhelmingly robust, and the detours are mighty. No matter if you have found yourself broken down and no where to go, or cruising town with your top back, I’m here to share my road map with YOU! A guide so full of detail that no matter what high, or low, or valley in between you find yourself in all you have to do is take notes and be on your way. Regardless of where your life has taken you, or how long it took you to end up here, you are exactly where you are suppose to be. Every mile you have traveled adds a uniqueness to you that I want you to believe in. Use my resources on your journey and begin to create your own travel guide for those who will come after you. And, always remember to leave no trace behind of anything other than a life well lived. 

Hello, I'm

Chelsi Jo



The most recently, juicy details, on how to reduce stress and

increase efficiency so you can do life like a boss


I help modern woman navigate life by using functional systems

that reduce stress and increase efficiency through a series of

blog posts, podcasts, and online courses.

If you don't see the exact resource you are looking for posted at this time,

reach out directly and we will get you on your way. 



the day to day


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