3 Powerful Ways To Thrive During Social Distancing Plus Free Montessori Activities

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

We are living in times that our generation has never seen the likes of. At what feels like a moments notice, every mom in the country was given the hat of a teacher, at home chef, and boredom buster. Some of us are well prepared and have dabbled in this space before, and others are not. Where ever you come to this place and time in our countries shared experience of quarantine from I pray you are well, and come to find the resources in this post useful.

It is my belief that no matter how unexpected the turns in our journey may be, there is always a better view than where we have been. The road we are on never leads to no where when we have God as the foundation of our journey.

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Trick 1 - Have a plan

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

In times when we are faced with changes outside of our control, like an unexpected quarantine that happen very rapidly, it makes us want to scramble and panic. Some of us want to pretend it isn't happening and ride it out like a killer beach wave, while others are over analyzing every twist and turn and have been debilitated by fear. But, like any good leader of a ship would do when confronted with rough seas, we need to take charge and get our crew through the storm.

That means we need to think on our feet. Be resourceful. Adapt.

The most VITAL part of your plan is telling people what you plan to do. You have to create a plan and then post it in your home for everyone to see. Remember you may function just fine without a schedule but your school age kids are use to being at school all day with routines and time frames. It will help them to know what their day is going to look like regardless of what you chose to do in each block of time. Literally construction paper, or printer paper, with marker stating the activity and time of day, taped to a wall in a common area of the home. If you want to get fancy, then print out several and post them in the kids bedrooms and one in the bathroom. Well communicated plans are well communicated expectations, so do not skip this step.

Some moms are going to want to tackle homework and e-learning, and really embrace the opportunity to be home with our kids and fill that role of a teacher.

Others are simply looking to find some kind of peace throughout the day.

Either way you go about it my Scheduling Roadmap will support you and is completely free. Click here to get your roadmap.

Trick 2 - embrace each day

First of all, Bible study each morning is the only way I get through life without major worry and panic. My favorite company Horacio Printing has provided a free bible study specific to anxiety. That mean if you don't have one of their bound bible study books (which is absolutely something you should look in to because I use mine everyday and would be lost without it) then you can get their FREE three day study here!

Secondly, use this time of uncertainty to refine you. Embrace how you feel and challenge yourself to grow mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. EMBRACE how you feel. Do not allow yourself to be overcome by fear. Take on the idea the you have overcome very hard challenges in your life and this will be no different. How ever you come to this time in your life, prepared or not, start writing down how you can grow; how you can become more like the woman you want to be from this experience.

Lastly, use the time you have at home to embrace your children, your home, and your spouse. The slower pace of life is absolutely a gift. I know so many of us are faced with our incomes being cut, dependable streams of food are in question, socializing is more isolated than before, but slowing down is vital. Take this time you have and organize, clean, cook, play games, make eye contact, exercise, cuddle, laugh, cry, just LIVE.

Do not stop living simply because life isn't predictable. Sometimes the greatest experiences in life come from moments we never saw coming.

Trick 3 - Gather resources

Ok so here we are, in the tangible tools portion of this blog post. HELP! You need help, I know. Gathering resources can be a rabbit whole you never come out of so I put some together for you at the bottom of this post to keep you from spending the next week in that black hole!

Just know that being resourceful in this time is what will set you apart from surviving vs. thriving. Utilizing online meet ups through platforms like Zoom. Lean on family and friends. FaceTime instead of text you friends and let your little ones see their play mates on the tv screen by screen sharing your FaceTime calls. The point is to be creative and have fun.

I would absolutely advise you to download my Roadmap and start with that frame work as your most useful tool right now. Get your family on the same page and fill your time with what ever you see fit. If you want to homeschool, great. If you want to just take each day as they come, great. Either way use the framework from my Roadmap!

Free Montessori Resources

These links are for grades k-6, and include free printable worksheets. Some links also include video lessons that are labeled by grade level.

Garden Learning

I will be adding more resources as I add them to our home learning. These links are not direct downloads, but are direct to sites that have free downloads for you.

Free Storybook Reading

Books read via video and include captioning.

Daily Drawing Prompts

Click on the left and right arrows to see the video for each day.

Virtual Field Trips

This has multiple links to different national parks with 3D experience quality.

Free Exercise Resources

Make Your Own Snacks Tutorial