Motherhood Productivity session | Melanie

When Melanie and I first connected I knew she was ready for a session.

When we first connected I knew she was in the perfect place in her life to reap the benefits of a Motherhood Productivity Session with me because of he willingness to learn. She had a lot of changes happening in her life and with young children, her faith, a marriage, and a business, she was struggling trying to juggle it all on her own and didn't have to continue running around in circles. She wanted results quickly. The success of every MPS depends on the willingness to learn and be coached in ideas you haven't yet thought of. It was because of her awesome attitude, and completely candid discussion about what is failing her, that we were able to have such a beautiful, and successful session.

What does Melanie do?

Melanie is the CEO of Barefoot Fitness AZ where she dedicates herself to making exercise fun. She makes working out affordable and kid-friendly for moms who need that extra incentive to get motivated. She offers several other free resources and online nutrition coaching, plus gives her life to motherhood. She has two young boys, one is school age, the other just barely 1 year old. Melanie had just resigned from full time teaching when we sat down in order to have more time home with her children, and also so she can pursue her passions.

How Is Melanie doing now?

After every session with mommas I always follow up with an email to check in and see how motherhood is rolling. Here is what Melanie had to say:

After our motherhood session, I felt more empowered to take advantage of my days by devoting time to my business and allowing myself to simply BE with my kids. Since starting my business 3 months ago, it has been a bit chaotic and simply frustrating at times. I'm a retired teacher who has no experience with sales or running a business, so this whole entrepreneur stuff is foreign to me. Her concept of brain dumps and time blocking has helped me stay focused within my abyss of to-do lists.  After our conversation, I ended up keeping my 9 month old home with me more often during the week and I actually got MORE done than when I sent him to daycare 5 days a week!

A few of my main takeaways would be to prioritize my time by doing a brain dump and specifically designating time to complete my 1s and 2s, using my google calendar to keep track of my location and my paper planner for what I'm doing (also, check out the Planner Party!), and identifying and prioritizing my fundamental needs. Chelsi was able to help guide me to be more successful and progressively work towards my personal, financial, business and relationship goals.

Your podcasts have been extremely helpful and engaging as well! Each week feels very applicable to some struggle that parallels in my life. Mamas of all working statuses should listen.  The one-on-one sessions bring her knowledge to a whole new level though and I highly recommend even one session if you're on the hot mess express! In just one hour, she really breaks down how her systems can benefit your current situation.

Listen to the full session here