The Number One Thing Stealing Your Time Everyday And How To Fix It

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Your mindset. Really?


Your mindset is the reason behind all the decisions you make. There are a lot of thoughts you process each day and your frame of mind, or your mindset, determines what you do with those thoughts.

Heres how this works.

There are two main buckets of thought patterns that are on opposite ends of the spectrum form one another. I've described them below. The goal is to have little of both; to be in the middle of the spectrum. This is the sweet spot for all of your success in motherhood and in running a business.

Limited Thought Patterns

Some typical attributes of people with a limited mindset can be:

  • extremely dedicated to previous generations and their way of doing things.

  • not open to listening to others or the voice inside.

  • creating new ways of doing things is nearly out of the question until they are completely broken and at an all time low.

  • care a lot of what other people think of them, and lack confidence.

  • very loyal, less social,

Limitless Thought Patterns

Some typical attributes of people with a limited mindset can be:

  • overly distracted and unable to settle on anyone specific thought

  • extremely social, less loyal,

  • shift with the changing season well, less rooted

  • struggle to commit to dreams due to too many dreams

  • indecisiveness is often a problem

Intentional Thought Patterns

This is really where you want to be. Bringing awareness to the choices you are making, and the thoughts you are allowing to come and go in your mind all day long. Being aware is the first step, then from there is a matter of being committed to choosing the thought patterns you want to have repeat every day.

Bringing this kind of intentionality to everything that you do is what allows you to get rid of the unnecessary emotions, distractions, and "fluff" you typically spend time on. Let's look at how you can begin to recognize where you are in this process.

How Do I know What THought Patterns I Have?

You do an inventory.

You have to bring recognition to the front of your mind and start tracking your patterns. It's relatively simple, if you are open to the process. Get out a journal and write down where your thoughts are throughout the day. Make a note of every time you said no, or believed something couldn't happen or wouldn't happen.

Write down how many times your changed from one task to another. Was it because your kids needed you or because you were avoiding some other task you loathe. (Like laundry....errr maybe that one is just me.)

All you need to do is become aware. The first step in any kind of change is analyzing what is currently happening.

Why Is My Mindset So Important?

Are you trying to raise children? Or run a business? Or have a happy marriage?

Well then you are going to need not only a positive mindset, but a successful one. The kind of mindset you carry determines if you will have a life well lived, or one you fought with all day in and day out.

Every time you think something, you make decisions based on that. So your world is literally shaped by your thoughts, and if you want the world you live in to look different then that means you should....?

.....YEP. Look at your thought patterns to make the changes needed.

How Do I change my mindset?

Changing your mindset is not something you do in a day, or a week. It is something you have to work at. But, if you realize the impact of the outcome, your commitment will be bar none.

It doesn't matter what patterns you picked up along the path of life you've been walking on, it is absolutely possible to work on changing your thought patterns.

This portion of this blog post could go deep, really deep. Like Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Bendon Bruchard deep, (just google the names if you want to rabbit hole) but I am going to give this to you in a straight forward busy mom kind of way.

Be introspective. The number one way to address your thought patterns is to write them down. Get a journal and put it on your nightstand where you phone use to sit every night. (Your phone sleeps in a different room, not on your nightstand friends.) At the end of the day take a few minutes to write down a few of these items:

  • What was the hardest part of today?

  • What part of me today am I ashamed of or wish I would've handled better?

  • What was I thinking about when I got frustrated/impatient/angry with my children?

  • What is the opposite of those emotions?

  • What phrase do I need to repeat to myself to get the response I want out of myself next time?

In time, you will begin to see patterns in your behaviors. Journaling is an amazing outlet for self realization and revision of your self.

You can also start reading books. Truly. Read.

Read your bible, pray, and read some more. Books that encourage and teach you how to change your thought patters are the key. There is no way to just hope or wish for a better mindset. Yes, miracles happen, but reprograming your subconscious takes intention and work.

It is absolutely possible, and with even just a week or two of serious dedication you will see a huge change in your quality of time and the amount of time you have in your day.