The Truth About Paper Planners, Time Blocking, And Daily Routines

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

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3 Steps to a successful routine

Step One - Paper Planners

Let's get back to the basics sticking to your routine with paper planners! Keep it simple and don’t overthink it. Paper planners are a great way to set up time blocks and routines, which is a great way to keep it simple.

Always keep your appointments in your electronic calendar instead of filling up your paper planner with a ton of hand written details.

Horacio Printing is the paper planner I reccomend. It is the planner I personally use (as well as their SOAP Notes bibles study). You can use this link for $10 off at checkout of any product they offer. *This link is an affiliate link that does provide a small commisson.

Step Two - Time Blocking

But how exactly do you plan your day?

Start simple and create time blocks that fit your responsibility buckets. Responsibility buckets are all the major responsibilities you have in your life like your marriage, home, children, and job to name a few. Also ask yourself ifany of them be consolidated together to make best use of your time? Then establish your blocks based off that.

Here is an example of my 5 block system:

Morning Routine Block

AM Block

Midday Block

PM Block

Nighttime Routine Block

Step three - daily routines

While still keeping within your time blocks, BE CONSISTENT with your daily routine!

If you don't currently have routines dialed in here are a few ways to create a new routine:

  • Write down what you are already doing that is working well and make that your routine.

  • Build new routines by starting with your problem area. 

  • Look at the one time of day that isn't working and create a well communicated and simple set of actions/tasks and write it down.

  • If something really clicks with the whole family and elevates any problem you were having make it part of the routine.

  • Cut the extra out and stick to the routine. 

  • Communicate with the entire family and did I mention…BE CONSISTENT. 

You can find even more details on my favorite communication system for families here!

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